About Us

Mr and Mrs Baked and Loaded are two people who began their vision with a question...what do we want to do?

After many conversations that ran late into the night (on many occasions). The answer came to them...a food concession business that serves comfort food...food that is a healthier choice and made with quality ingredients.

Then came the next question...what comfort food should be served?

And after many more conversations that ran late into the night..the answer came to them.

Mr.Baked recalled a restaurant somewhere in Texas that served amazing baked potatoes.

Mrs. Loaded comes from across the pond...England...and as a young lass recalls the fond memories of jacket spuds.

So the choice of what they want to serve is...baked potatoes! (or as Mrs. Loaded prefers to say) jacket spuds!


Favorite Baked Potato

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